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Services & Support

Jacobsen Automation Group offers electrical and mechanical engineering and design services for the manufacturing industry ranging from off-site design, build, simulation and testing to full-scale on-site integration and vertical startups.





Jacobsen Automation Group has a variety of turnkey solutions to meet the latest industry demands.  Contact us to see how we can reapply one of our existing systems or develop a new turnkey system to meet your needs.



Jacobsen Automation Group can leverage years of premium experience in the manufacturing industry to provide consulting services for large-scale integration initiatives.



Newly integrated technologies can pose as a challenge for many companies.  At Jacobsen Automation Group, we encourage the use of our custom taylored training programs to improve startup efficiency and site level confidence.  We also offer custom taylored training for general topics such as PLC programming, specialty sensor setup, and more!



Wastewater Handling Systems

Barcode Scanning Applications

Converting Machine Controls

Packaging Machine Controls

Robotic System Integration

Machine Vision And Laser Profiling

Process Systems

Technical Training

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